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Bloody brilliant!


One of the best OpenSource game projects out there, cheers!


how to download

The game has been released, so now it will be easier to find the download button! (Hopes this helps)


Amazing game!!! Thanks so much fot the work!!!!

how i can change the languague 

Not yet. We are working on it.



I am on Windows 7, and this also happens to me, I haven't find a way to fix it yet.

I'm pretty sure there should be a way to fix this error.

This screenshot does not tell the error. View Logs does.

how can i chat with people. i dont understand how to set up. This game takes me back. very cool

Go to

After you have run the set up file you downloaded, you will find the three games (Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and Dune 2000) in the place where your computer usually installs things. On windows machines this is usually "C:\Program Files\OpenRA". 

When you run each for the first time it will ask you to let it download some files that it needs to run. Using the Quick option here is easiest. If you have the game disk to hand you can use the Advanced option if you like. 

This game kinda nostalgic I love it!

Just played for a couple of hours and can say that this game is great, just wish more people knew about it. The people i've met are overall nice, some kinda toxic, but it do be a competitive game so it's expected. Only thing i could ask for is a tutorial, unless i somehow missed it. Overall great game


Try the missions. The first missions act kind of like a tutorial. Though it is 90s style. Nobody tells you which button to press and when.

Cant figure out how to set up a private match for me and my firends, sad day indeed

You have to tweak your firewall setttings to start a server. I didn't bother since there's plenty of empty servers to choose from

Nice, it work fine for me.


Amazing game with a very active community! One of the best free and open source RTS games.

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is this legal i scared because this is great i got experience RA again :)




Why is Easy/Normal/Hard from single player campaign greyed out? Can't change the difficulty settings!

Why are video files buggy? All campaign videos from my "Last Decade" DVD have these weird lines on the upper half of the screen.


Not all missions have a difficulty level.

Please report your video bug at and attach a screenshot.


Ain't nobody got time for that, sorry.

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great game!

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Pleaaaaase make a version of this with Red alert 2


We actually did a ra2 mod, but it isn't finished yet.

An error occurred during installation

This title is packaged in a way that is not compatible with the app.



Should be fixed now.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ineed this

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A fine game. But it is indeed unfortunate that you cannot change the resolution or to zoom the camera, right now after a match my eyes just hurt... Aaaand you cannot launch the game from the application, it just crashes


Try the latest version I just uploaded. It includes zooming!

when do l get mods from

A must have! <3

comment on instale des mod svp

how do I get the special maps

Would it be possible to make the mod "Mental Omega" compatible with this?

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Yes. Probably too early at this point, but a Red Alert 2 mod is work in progress.

so cool =) I'll just follow development

this game look cool


I've clocked about 20 hours of playtime over the last two weeks. This game is amazing. I still have all the CnC games on CD but they barely work on Windows 7/10 so this was a brilliant find. I really enjoy the "CnC Mod" as it brings a more competitive game-play to the table compared to the original CnC.

The AI is not as good as CnC 3: Tiberium Wars, so I usually play against 3 enemies who are teamed together. Although the "Rush AI" on the "Red Alert Mod" seems to be the most difficult to beat out of all the three games. Anyways, I understand AI is a difficult thing to implement and balance.

All in all, well done! Thanks for bringing new life to my favorite game franchise.


Thank you for your nice comment.

I'm going to try this one out on mac i was always fan of C&C Generals

cannot launch the game on my mac

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Hello wLEKIN.

Have you followed these instructions: ?

Please paste the content of the exception.log file into (and share the link here).

Alternatively, you can directly chat with the developers, using our IRC channel: